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Part # Description Unit Price Total

LCC LCC Power Point
LCC Power Injection Unit

LCC LCC Repeater LCC Repeater

LCC LCC Terminator Pair
LCC Segment Termination


LCC LCC Starter Kit
LCC Power, Termination, Interface

LCC Tower LCC LCC 16 line I/O controller

LCC Signal LCC -S
LCC 16 LED plus 8 line controller - Screw Terminals

LCC Signal LCC -P LCC 16 LED plus 8 line controller - Pin Connections

Misc UN8 BE USB-Serial Adapter (e.g. for the NCE Power Pro)

LB-USB LocoBuffer-USB

LN TC-Mark II Tower Controller 64 line I/O

LN 6P6C-5 5 Jack LocoNet extension cable

LN/SSB SSB-Adapter SSB to LocoNet plus power (includes 15V Power Supply)

LN/SSB SSB-Gateway SSB to Standalone LocoNet (includes 15V Power Supply)

MotorMan-III 8 output stall turnout driver

SSB SignalMan-P SignalMan Pin version

SSB SignalMan-C SignalMan Compression version

SSB SignalMan-S SignalMan Screw Terminal version

SSB SwitchMan TBA

SSB TowerMan 16 line I/O controller

SSB WatchMan 8 line Occupancy detector

I/O BOD-8 Block Occupancy Detector 8

Block Occupancy Detector 4 plus 4 inputs

Block Occupancy Detector 4, Turnout 2, (plus 4 inputs when used with LCC)

CT-Coils-8 Sense coils for BOD-8, WatchMan (set of 8)

CT-Coils-6 Sense coils (set of 6)

CT-Coils-4 Sense coils for BOD4, BOD4-CP (set of 4)

CT-Coil Sense coil for detection

I/O I/O Test
I/O Test Board

I/O SMD-8 Stall Motor Driver Board

I/O SCSD-8 Solenoid Driver Board

I/O RB-4 Quad 10A SPDT Relay Board

I/O OIB-8 Opto Isolator 8 channel

Misc SS-RGY-24 1.3mm x 2mm 3 color LED 24" leads

BOB-S Break Out Board for Ribbon Cable - Screw Terminals

I/O FOB-A Fan Out Board Board Style-A (8 line)

I/O FOB-C Fan Out Board Board Style-C (16 line)

I/O CAB-10-100 Interconnect Cable #28 AWG 100'

I/O IDC-S10x25 IDC Connectors x 25ea.

PS PS-S-15-1200 15V 1.2A Sw Power Supply

3TK2-1 I/O Module Mounting Track 1 pos

Mnt 3TK2-2 I/O Module Mounting Track 2 pos

Mnt 3TK2-3 I/O Module Mounting Track 3 pos

Mnt 3TK2-4 I/O Module Mounting Track 4 pos

Mnt 3TK2-4W I/O Wide Mounting Track 4 pos

3TK2-6 I/O Module Mounting Track 6 pos



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CAB-10-100 incurs extra shipping charges Please inquire

Shipping and handling outside the US Please inquire



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