LCC-LocoNet Gateway Firmware B8f Update. (Sept 26 2022)

Note: this update available for both  Rev-C (the USB-B version) and Rev-D (the USB-C version) hardware.

Be sure that you are using JMRI version 4.22 or later. 

Using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, (NOT Microsoft Edge) download the latest firmware. 'LCC_LN_Gateway_RevC_UPDATE_B8f.hex' or
'LCC_LN_Gateway_RevD_UPDATE_B8f.hex' as appropriate for your unit.

Note that this upgrade will not disturb your existing configuration data which is stored in a different NVR chip from program memory.

B8f Update Includes:

B8f also includes all B6b, B6c, B7a, and B8e updates:

Firmware Update:

The LCC-LocoNet node includes its own USB interface. This creates a special issue when upgrading its firmware. The issue is that when an LCC device switches from Normal Mode to Boot Mode (Firmware upgrade), the processor stops, and then restarts into the alternate mode. For most nodes this is not any issue and the user does not even notice. However when the LCC-LocoNet Gateway does this mode switch it breaks the USB connection to Windows that allows JMRI to run. This is sort of like sitting on a limb and sawing down the tree. (like Road Runner can do) This requires stopping and restarting JMRI twice during the upgrade process.

To upgrade the LCC-LocoNet Gateway there are two options:

A. If you have a LCC Buffer-USB available, then use it as your connection to JMRI and upgrade the firmware normally as shown below in the 'Firmware update process'.

B. If your only LCC to computer connection is over the LCC-LocoNet Gateway itself, then you must follow the following steps:

Firmware update process:

  1. Start JMRI and select "LCC".
  2. Select ‘Firmware Update’ from the LCC drop down list.
  1. Click ‘Select’ to pick a firmware file.
  2. From the file menu, select: 'LCC_LN_Gateway_RevD_UPDATE_B8f.hex' or the latest proper upgrade available.
  3. Select your 'Target Node ID'.
  4. Click the 'Load' button to initiate the download to your LCC-LocoNet Gateway.

Note: This image is from previous upgrade version.
  1. Wait until 'updating device firmware..' progress bar is 100% and shows 'Operation Complete'.
  2. Open the OpenLCB Network Tree window. (LCC-Configure Nodes)
  3. The updated node should now show 'Mod: LCC-LocoNet Gateway' and 'Software Version: rev-B8f'.
  4. Any errors will be shown in the lower window ticker tape display.

If the node does not automatically enter boot mode and start the upgrade it may be forced into boot mode by un-powering it, then holding down the ‘Prog’ button as you power it up again. The gold LED should start blinking the one flash error code to indicate that it is in forced boot mode. This will also likely be required after a failed upgrade attempt.